You Have Heard About “Overbites”, Now Let’s Chat About “Underbites”

Early Treatment of “Underbites”

A Class III malocclusion is the technical term for an “underbite”, where the size and position of the jaws are such that the lower teeth are out in front of the upper teeth.

This issue can be easily addressed while your child sleeps! A conventional expander appliance is used in conjunction with what is called a facemask (a headgear but in reverse!). The facemask is only worn to bed and the expander cannot even be seen when talking or smiling. A realignment of the jaws results in an improved bite.

Why should we treat “underbites”?

1. To avoid the need for future corrective jaw surgery.
2. To prevent irreversible wear on the enamel and soft tissue changes.
3. To improve function.
4. To improve facial esthetics and aid the child’s psychosocial development.

When can treatment start?

The earlier the better! Once the child has turned 10 years old skeletal changes are more difficult to achieve but can be addressed, if need be.



2 months into treatment