Green Up Your Teeth

As with much in this world, dentistry is going green! Green buildings! Green products! Green teeth? Well, not green teeth, but environmentally sustainable practices are gaining popularity.

Environment sustainability is an issue that has plagued our planet for a while now, and many dentists are answering the call!

Dental offices have begun to work towards environmental sustainability in interesting ways:

  • Proximity to Public Transportation: This is an issue many green focused buildings are now considering. Being close to public transportation means you don’t always have to drive to get your teeth checked. Though subway-ing home by yourself may not be the best idea if you’ve just had your wisdom teeth taken out.
  • Waste Reduction: Finding out what to do with waste is a big issue for everyone. Many dentists and orthodontists are shifting towards more environmentally friendly alternatives to tooth care. Maybe a bit too far, but there’s a biodegradable tooth brush now…
  • Water Conservation: If you’ve ever been to the dentist or orthodontist, you know it involves lot of water works. Sure, it’s necessary to the process, but is all of that water critical to great teeth? Many dental professionals are now considering how long the tap keeps running.

Have any other awesome Green advice for the world of teeth. Let me know @FreemanOrtho or in the comments!