“But Dr. Oz says…..”

The phrase that makes health-care practitioners cringe.
Many people rely on what Dr. Oz says. He is a respected surgeon.
Unfortunately he has take to recommending supplements and diets that have no foundation in appropriate scientific research. This has become such a problem that even the United States Senate has become involved.

To be healthy takes work. Health is not found in the bottom of a supplement bottle.
Regulation of supplements in North America is not the same as in most European countries where these products must adhere to the same strict guidelines applied to pharmaceuticals.

Benjamin Mazer, a young medical student at the University of Rochester is taking a stand against the promotion of questionable health-care information. He is concerned with patients forgoing appropriate medical advice and seeking a treatment they heard/read about in the media that has not been substantiated by appropriated scientific research.
Benjamin is urging medical regulatory boards to join in his campaign to help protect the public.

Just today I bought some pricey organic blueberries.
The young lady at the counter commented on them and said “they are the expensive but they are the best and you get what you pay for”.
As I have written previously, the public must do their due diligence. Products and procedures must be fully researched before they are chosen.
The appropriate specialist consulted.
Questions must be asked. You cannot just take the word of a television presenter or ad on the Internet, particularly when it comes to your health.

Many people take months to research the perfect laptop yet will jump right in and have a medical/dental procedure undertaken by someone whom they did not research and worse, is not qualified and may also be promoting a treatment that is not substantiated by proper research and clinical trials.

If it sounds to good to be true, you can bet that it is!
Do your homework.
Your health is worth it.

Please take a moment to learn more about the United States Senate v. Dr. Oz and the outstanding campaign led by Benjamin Mazer.

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